Friday, May 9, 2014

Five for Friday May 9

Happy Friday everyone! I keep reading how this is some teachers' last week while others have a bit longer before summer arrives. To be honest, I have having a difficult time counting down with this group. I cringe when I tell them we have less than 3 weeks left. And what makes it worse is...most of them cringe, too. 

"What?" "No way!" "We are going to be 3rd graders?"  "When did that happen?"
"Can you move to 3rd?"

The thought of teaching procedures to another class next year is rather daunting right'll stop talking about it and get to the real reason I am here! To link up with all of you wonderful teachers out there! 

Well, I know I haven't posted since last Friday, but I feel like this week was so random that what better thing to do than to share by linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching for Five for Friday!

To go along with my theme of the potential of an having an adjustment disorder, 
(just so you know, my first degree is in psychology) 
(sounds like a future blog post) (get back on track, Allison.) 
my students have the most considerate hearts and they express them through such loving words which leaves this teacher speechless and teary eyed. 

"You should know because you don't just teach us, you bless us."

"I love the way you help me. You never give up. You always achieve your goals."

And you know it, these sweet reminders always come on a day when you feel like you just didn't reach them. Blessed beyond belief.

Let me just say how much I love Teacher's Pay Teachers! I do, I do, I do-oo! Since I am not a seller, I feel like my role is to purchase and use the products you all pour yourselves into and then make sure you know just how much you make a difference through your talents! I am always amazed by those who host giveaways and sales! 

Not to mention, TPT is one of the most genuine marketplaces. We all lived through the system overload that they experienced (which says something about their clientele). Here were the two things I loved about the response. 

1. Teachers did not react negatively. The site wasn't bashed. We all focused on how we waited until the last minute or how we really wanted it to be up and running. What a breath of fresh air! Way to go, us!

2. The website extended their sale and constantly thanked us for our patience. What a community! It feels like we are all understood and treated as people. I just love it. 

Here are some of the items that this teacher checked out!

My goal is to blog about how I use most of these purchases, if not all. 

I don't have a picture for this one due to respecting wishes, but I just have to share that I am an only child adopted aunt! A dear friend, who I grew up with and consider my sister, had her son this week. My phone was on all school day long to hear the news! She also teaches at the school so the news caught like wildfire. You are just going to have to believe me that he is adorable! 

Mother's Day crafting was definitely underway this week! I found the cutest card making set from Sunnydaysinsecondgrade! For future reference you can find her eye-catching and heartfelt card here: Mother's Day Craftivity Card

I've been wordy tonight, whew! Hope the is okay because I simply could not close out the night without a shout out to two lovely and supportive women who have come to be my blogging/IG besties. I was overcome when they told me to check out their blogs after posting their Currently by Farley at Ohboy3rdgrade. Their kind words and encouraging affirmations mean the world to a newbie out in the blogging world. Better off with them. Please take the time to check out their blogs. You will not be sorry! 

So once again, happy Friday to all you life changers! Do something this weekend that will make you love your future self!


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  1. Awww... Shucks!!! Thanks for the shoutout. You are too kind, my dear friend!

    I hope this weekend leads you into a very happy week!!