Saturday, May 24, 2014

Five for Fri..Saturday: May 24

End of the year can make you feel like you are standing on your head! So why not link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching on a Saturday? This was our last FULL week of school! And thanks to Memorial Day, our last Monday! 

Six more days...crazy as it may be, I still won't tell my 2nd graders how many more days I have left with them. They have figured it out though. Why must I teach math! :) 

Anyway, here's what's been going on! (Most pics from Instagram)

This year I am going to stay ahead of the "last minute" syndrome! I went out 2 weeks, 2 weeks (believe it), early and collected most of the items I needed for the end of the year. I posted the first picture on my Instagram and the response was priceless. So thankful we are in this together, my teacher friends!

And an hour later with a few dollars left to my name - this is what I came out with-
I read through every book! My kids will gobble them up since we have been fact detectives for most of the year. And the pencils, I had to hold back buying a pack for myself.

Compiling the books I purchased from Jason's Online Classroom! This is my writing plan for the next six days! 

I love mail. Letters. Online Orders. And Jamberry of course!!! (Not, bills. I don't like bills.) So here's a little sequencing for you.

First these came.

Then this happened.

Which led to this.

My lovely Jamberry Girl, Ashley Marquez, has been working with me to host a Jamberry Online Party! She has been phenomenal! Not only have I loved working with her, but when I talk to my friends offline, they have said how warm and inviting she is! This girl has a heart for people and for Jamberry. The little things in life. Check her out please! You won't be sorry! 

Anyone else's students take the NWEA test? We do three times a year as an adaptive tool to measure growth and achievement! I am so proud of how my students performed! They were focused and motivated. I was in awe really. I know so much of testing is also a mental game which is why I find More Time 2 Teach's top secret motivation cards life changing. (Blog post to follow because I love them so and truly believe in her product.)

Each family dolled up the cards with encouraging words and drawing, then sent them back to school. Just before every test as the students set anxiously at their computer screens, I passed out these card. Their reaction = no words to describe. Just imagine. 

We also wrote two "I cans" every morning and posted them to our chart! These kids responses were so thoughtful! How far they have come. We did one for math as well (in future post). I would have the students read one of theirs in front of the class. Then I would respond with a form of, "You sure can!" Then they stuck it to the paper. They had to share their other one with two partners and then with me as they walked into breakfast! Positive self talk- I believe in it! 

Just a little more proof why I am wanting to hold onto this class for as long as I can. For the 3 days of inside recess last week, I walked in to find my kids hiding. 
(I love hearing the, "She's coming...shhh...(student's name)..shh..she's coming!) 
When I turn on the lights, they jump out and yell, "Surprise!" while holding their signs. 
They have my heart. And they are mine. 

Lastly, due to inventory this week, we didn't have library as a special. So we did something we all love! The picture says it all. 

Wishing you all the best of weekends! Thanks for stopping by! This newbie sure appreciates it!
For those of you on summer vacation---take it all in- I have no doubt you deserve it! 

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  1. Those memory books look awesome. The colored paper does the trick...haha. I purposefully try to avoid going to the Dollar Tree as much as I can because I spend more there than other stores. I gotta get ready for my end of year gifts too though now.