Friday, May 2, 2014

First Five for Friday!

Friday is finally here! I am linking up for the first time with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday. Pretty excited about it over here!  I've always enjoyed reading all of my lovely teacher blogging friends' posts. So let's give it a go! 

We finished up our unit on the water cycle by making a diagram of and writing about what we
learned. When I pulled out the finger paint, you would have thought it was Christmas morning! Love how the blending of these two wonderful units turned out! Blog post soon to follow

Weather Palooza by Teach Two Reach

                          Busy Teacher's Best Friend- April by Queen of the First Grade Jungle

We went to a local arboretum for our  last field trip of the year. Our class  has been knee deep in learning about soil for the past two weeks as well, so my kids were pretty well equipped with background knowledge. It was fulfilling to hear them talk to the tour guide about compost, soil, and the water cycle. The tour guide even had them sing the water cycle song a couple times. It was an enjoyable day with a little rain, lots of love, and one tired teacher.

At the elementary school in the morning and at the high school for musical practice at night. It has been a full 5 weeks. I've been moonlighting as the choreographer for Guys and Dolls! I just love working with the high schoolers. With the show opening tomorrow night, it is another one of those times when you have to let go and know you taught them the best you could. 
They always deliver!

I was introduced to Jamberry by my dear friends Alisha and Ashley! Needless to say, I have been won over! After this post, I'll be heading over to look at all the different styles. Isn't it wonderful how something so simple can make you feel so good? 

Lastly, I join some amazing teachers for The Pinspired Teacher's Photo a Day Challenge! #PADTeacherChallenge Working to stay as dedicated as possible. It has been such a blessing to connect with so many teachers and share in their classrooms through Instagram.

If you are interested, come follow along! @amartinkus

Happy weekend, friends! 


  1. I love how you meshed the two ideas together for an awesome looking display on the water cycle! Thanks allison!

  2. ps: it took me 3 tries to publish that last comment because I couldn't get the code right that they make you type in order to publish something because it says "prove you are not a robot." I guess I can't even prove I'm a reader. Now they are going to make me type in some other incredibly hard to read group of letters in order to publish this. ha!

    1. Oh my goodness, Amna! I am cracking up out loud over here! I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. Every time I type it, I think, "Here we go.....and...not a robot this time!" Other times, it thinks I am. I am sure you are a wonderful reader, but I just love how you said that.
      Thank you for your help in making the water cycle come full circle (yeah yeah)!