Monday, June 2, 2014

The Teaching Tribune Summer Bloggin' Party- Monday Meet Up

The Teaching Tribune is at it again to bring all of us teacher bloggers closer together. Meeting you all has been a blessing to me. I credit having such a student oriented and creative year to those of you whom I have met through blogging and IG, especially this lovely teacher, Alisha! There is certainly a spark in her that makes her stand out in our blogging and TPT world! Blogging bestie, this one is for you! 

Check out her blog here! 

I would just love to meet her in real life one day! No doubt, we'd laugh the day away!


I teamed up with two favs for this Monday Meet Up. I am posting about Alisha, Alisha is posting about Amna, and Amna posted about me! Amna and I met through a giveaway on her Facebook page! I was so thankful for her product that I wanted to make sure she knew how beneficial it was. We haven't stopped talking since. I promise when you check out her blog and TPT, you'll see why.

Thank you for visiting me! Be sure to stop by Alisha and Amna's blog too! They are just a click away!